Speed, simply put.

Speed, simply put.


This is the final post in a 4-week conversation about the importance and impact late payments have in the construction industry, globally. We bring a simple, yet powerful solution to table -PMIS or Project Management Information System- to address this critical issue.


Business.com’s “Contractor’s Guide to Being Paid” mentions multiple problems such as contractors not being paid altogether or even failing to receive their retainage. Certainly,  billing software could automate invoices. This would make it easy to send emails to clients, set up online payments, schedule reminders, track missed payments and more.


But is that enough?


Lowering payment times brought you here.


We invite you to go one step further: Why settle for points solutions which solve one part of the equation when you can have robust platforms with end-to-end capabilities?


Consider now all the benefits of a comprehensive solution -from bidding, billing and payment to delivery; or document control to audit management, - with the added possibility of truly connecting to your contractors’ platform. That is a reality TODAY!


A vast array of capital project management solutions may be overwhelming at a first glance. However, understanding your company needs is a great place to start.


Join us in a lively and dynamic conversation on November 20, 2pm EST. Two e-Builder customers that were able to effectively lower their payments time and improve their efficiency saving millions will share their story which may be very similar to yours.


Food for thought: Are you truly connected to your contractors? Do you trust manual and double data entry? What would you be able do to with the money and time you would save having a REAL CONNECTION?


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