What Happens Next Part 2: Changes to Contracting, Risk Management and Productivity

What happens next? - Changes to Contracting, Risk Management and Productivity
In this session, we looked at the other side of the coin. 
While Episode #1 explored what to expect, Episode #2 focused on what needs to be done about it. 
The world of construction project management is or will soon experience a paradigm shift. The old ways of doing business will no longer be sufficient, whether it be dealing with new ways of contracting, different physical interactions in the field or additional risk mitigation techniques to account for changes in project costs and schedules. Construction was already at the bottom of the list for productivity so how we not only prevent further slippage but actually improve productivity. 
Watch our live conversation to hear how organizations, like yours, can respond to the unique challenges they are expecting to face when projects begin again.  
Our guests, hosted by Matt Sprague, were:
o LePatner & Associates LLP - Barry B. LePatner, Esq. – Owner
o Deloitte - Mark Blumkin – Managing Director
o CMAA – Andrea Rutledge – President & CEO
Some of the topics to be discussed include:
What changes are needed to contracting?
What schedule adjustments are needed to compensate for supply chain restrictions?
What other legal and risk implications should you be prepared for?
How can technology address productivity concerns?
Don't wait any longer. Watch it now!

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