Sunnyvale Public Works Department/ Engineering Division

"With help from a cloud-based program management information system, we can show residents and businesses alike that a public organization can work efficiently and effectively to develop and deliver critical infrastructure."Sunnyvale Public Works Department/ Engineering DivisionNasser Fakih, Assistant City Engineer


The Sunnyvale Public Works Department (SPWD) is charged with maintaining and upgrading city facilities and infrastructure. These responsibilities include traffic and transportation planning, pavement operations, street trees, median landscaping, concrete maintenance, administration and engineering.

  • Relied on a paper-based workflow
  • Used printed spreadsheets from multiple sources to keep track of projects in various stages of design or construction
  • Submittals (e.g., shop drawings, material), RFIs, RFQs and change orders were delivered via email, printed and then routed to the responsible engineers for review.
  • In January 2016, Fakih and his team began working with e-Builder Enterprise.
  • Reworked business practices while adopting a new digital workflow.
  • Every capital project that goes to bid as well as project documentation, RFI, RFQs, change orders, progress payments are handled through e-Builder.
  • Have project snapshots readily available at their fingertips
  • Refine and improve processes faster with help from the PMIS
  • Agency is looking to implement the e-Builder Bidding Module and connect their PMIS directly to the City’s Finance office for more connected invoicing and payments.
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