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When managing multi-million dollar complex, multi-phased capital programs, organizations look to technology to improve access to accurate and up-to-date project cost information. Traditionally these projects have been managed using spreadsheets and multiple systems, leaving project managers faced with duplicate entry, difficulty in reconciliation and uncertainty that the information was accurate. Standardization on e-Builder Enterprise as a project management information system (PMIS), combined with an integration to Lawson, establishes more efficient process and reporting capabilities, realizing greater cost visibility, control, and data accessibility. Customers utilize e-Builder's AppXchange to seamlessly exchange data with Lawson (or other information technology systems) to maintain data imperative to the success of the project. AppXchange is a collection of data exchange tools, APIs and pre-built integrations which allow e-Builder to connect to, and share data with, the broad ecosystem of solutions. This enables all project participants to have access to accurate and up to date information where they need it. See INOVA case study for their specific challenges and how e-Builder met their business needs. While this white paper is specific to Lawson benefits, these same benefits can be met by integrating with other financial ERP systems. Cost savings and reduced cycle times— Results That Can Be Measured • Integration of the e-Builder with Lawson financial system has saved the equivalent of one full time equivalent (FTE) employee on capital projects • Reduction in time cost of an FTE by standardizing on e-Builder with the Lawson integration in additional departments • Application for payment processing reduced by 20 days - from 29 days to nine days • Invoice processing reduced to less than three days • e-Builder integration with Lawson identified ~$700,000 of savings on a new hospital tower expansion that was re-allocated to another project • Utilizing the bidding module to bid subcontractors saved ~$200,000 on printing costs alone • Audit activity support is minimal, freeing up close to one full-time resource per year Without a central project management information system, project managers lacked immediate access and visibility into potential cost impacts to the project. Once changes were approved, it was difficult to locate the backup and supporting information, if required. This makes it difficult for the project team to manage, monitor and report on project activities like contracts, purchase orders, invoices, payment applications and change order requests. This process results in lost items, late payments, extra expenses for printing and distribution and created challenges for design and construction teams to forecast total project costs or anticipated costs. The result is slow turnaround times and potentially unnecessary change orders and delays on projects. Historically, project managers have utilized manual paper processes and disparate systems to track and reconcile cost information. While Excel spreadsheets and Access databases can provide basic tracking, using these tools even in conjunction with a financial accounting software leads to challenges in tracking and managing budget versus actual project costs. Additional resources are brought onto the project to accommodate the need for double data entry and projects run the risk of project costs being inaccurately tracked and inconsistently monitored. Lawson Integration v2.1 07/06 Results That Can Be Measured - Integration resulted in saving the equivalent of two full time equivalent (FTE) - Identified ~$700,000 of savings for re-allocation - Application for payment processing reduced by 20 days - Invoice processing reduced to less than three days - Eliminate manual data re-input errors and miscommunication - Reduce rework from incorrect / out-of-date information Save Money Save Time Reduce Risk e-Builder.net 800.580.9322 info@e-builder.net | support@e-builder.net

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