Top 5 Risks & Mitigation Strategies: For Higher Education Owners

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e-Builder.net 800.580.9322 info@e-builder.net 03/17/18 HIGHER EDUCATION WHITE PAPER 7 Northeastern University, continued Having easy access to project information is important for other reasons as well. While Cassandra McKenzie, Project Engineer, approves change order requests, the Vice President for Facilities also needs to approve them. If the vice president requires more explanation or information than what's provided in the paper copy, McKenzie can refer to data within e-Builder Enterprise to respond promptly. Not only does e-Builder simplify the change order review process, but it also provides all the supporting documentation and validation in one place so that project managers don't have to waste time locating this information. Additionally, historical data can help the university make informed decisions on current projects. "From project to project, there are lessons learned that we can then leverage as new projects come online," says McKenzie. When a problem pops us that she's encountered before, McKenzie uses e-Builder Enterprise to access information on completed projects and she's able to examine why changes were approved or rejected. This helps her make data-driven decisions that translate into significant savings. e-Builder Enterprise greatly improves the efficiency of a small team by cutting time finding and sharing information and answers. "We have limited resources here," says McKenzie. Entering all relevant project-related information into e-Builder has become standard practice. If communication occurred, it's in the system. If changes were requested, they're there too. "Everybody needs to have all the information at their fingertips at any given time and we all need to be seeing the same information to promote accountability," she says. University of California, San Diego (UCSD) Accurate Invoice Tracking For too long, University of California, San Diego (UCSD) project management team found tracking invoice payments to be a complicated process. While the information was available, it wasn't organized in a fashion where you could access it easily. "You'd have to get assistance from the fiscal group and print out a multiple-page report and then hunt and peck for the information; the order in which it was listed didn't make any sense from a project management standpoint," says King. The project management system at UCSD previously used didn't provide the capability to organize information in such a way that it was readily accessible in real time. "There was a disconnect in trying to look back and see all the different funding sources and payouts on a project prior to e-Builder," reflects King. "It was really difficult for us. That was one of the chief reasons we wanted to make a change." As project information is documented in e-Builder Enterprise, a record is created. "In terms of budgeting, it is almost like a check register history of all the expenses coming out of the project. That alone has paid for e-Builder," notes King. To request a free, online demo visit e-Builder.net or call 800.580.9322

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