Buyer’s Checklist: Construction Program Management Software

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e-Builder.net • 800.580.9322 • info@e-builder.net Contractors use contractor-centric PMIS tools for day-to-day operations. They work well for managing subcontractors, tracking change orders, and driving profitability, because they were developed specifically for contractor work. However, you, as the owner, will find those systems to be inadequate for owner-centric management functions, such as: • Tracking the use of funding sources • Collaboration of information between consultants and contractors • Tracking response times for submittals, RFIs, etc. • Coordinating project-cost codes with finance (accounting) • Executive reporting of program-level information • Reliable forecasting metrics To learn more about owner-centric vs contractor-centric PMIS, read the Capital Program Management Survival Guide. • Manage overall budget • Understanding of ROI on tools and solutions being brought into organization • Resources to support/maintain • Elimination of data silos • Support & maintenance of solution • Security • Scalability • Open – integration with other systems • Business process automation capability • Client customizable workflows • Business Intelligence • Supports entire project lifecycle • Process controls • Document Management • Reporting • Visibility into entire project • More time to manage project paperwork and reporting • Project-wide accountability for mistakes • Visibility into potential change orders • Visibility into contractor information on-demand • Schedule buy-in and use as a management tool • Buy-in from management • Managerial understanding of how project controls save money • Project cost and time controls on every project • Trustworthy reporting • Elimination of surprises in schedule and cost overruns • Access to the right info when needed • Consistently-followed processes • Lower change order volumes • Ability to address problems sooner ROLE e-Builder SOLUTION NEED • Delivers 4% project cost savings on average • Easily integrates with existing internal systems • Cloud-based solution • From planning to operations all data is managed and maintained in one solution • Cloud-based solution • GovCloud (US) for government clients • Over 100,000 users accessing the system; single client over 3,500 • Integration with tools such as GID, ERP, Lawson, etc. • Reduces construction cost by 4% • Reduces project process cycle times by 30:1 • Increase staff productivity by 3x • Technology-enablement and collaboration across all teams • Robust and consistent workflow engine for all processes • Centralized document center with tracking and approvals • Business Intelligence reports, for complete visibility into every detail of the project • Automated approvals and submissions • Transparency and visibility with dashboards, audit trails and time stamping • Leading indicators of change orders through cost impact, RFI volume, issues and risks • Centralized document storage • Import-able project schedule and milestone schedules that update managerial dashboards • Scalable cost management • Fast, reliable reporting • Integrated cost data • Real-time tracking and approval workflows • Real-time and proactive monitoring with dashboards, ball-in-court, notifications and issues • Detailed or summary-level reports from projects or at program level • Process workflows • Change order requests, linking, report and dashboard, and update to costs • Workflows and issues management for accountability at ball-in-court meetings Finance/CFO CIO/IT Capital Programs (VP of Capital Programs/ Chief Engineer) Director of Design and Construction Project/Program Manager Project Controls (Director of Project Controls) Facilities Management (Director of Facilities) Step 4 Know the Difference: Is an Owner-Centric PMIS or a Contractor-Centric PMIS the right fit? To address owner-centric needs, you'll need to identify a PMIS that answers to the need of each project professional on your team. These team members may include the following: v02/08

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