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Cedars-Sinai Medical Center Integrated Facility Management for Web-Based Visibility and Efficiency

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Page 3 of 3 800.580.9322 | Cedars-Sinai Medical Center Integrated Facility Management for Web-Based Visibility and Efficiency requirements—an approach that helped keep the medical center's stakeholders fully informed of the project's progress and potential risks. RESULTS: VISIBILITY, EFFICIENCY AND AN AWARD-WINNING OUTCOME ON-DEMAND REPORTS With e-Builder, the CSMC's FPDC gained better access and control of consolidated project information, improving performance. Project data that would typically be spread out across Excel, Solomon (CSMC's project financial accounting system), and other project management systems are now integrated in e-Builder. Facility managers can now generate financial reports and reconcile critical project information with greater efficiency and ease. In addition, the FPDC's ability to create ad hoc reports on information required by the broad governing constituencies was greatly simplified. Board Committee members have the option of logging into the system to access custom reports according to their role or level of oversight, or subscribe to reports that are automatically sent to their email and provide the required level of visibility into project status. For instance, the board was able to review action item logs and meeting minutes at any time, so that they can track every issue (if they want) and the corresponding resolution. This newfound transparency not only improved trust, but also reduced the number of questions that were required to get a full picture of the ASHP project's status during construction. As a result, FPDC spent more time actually managing the project instead of compiling and manipulating the data. The integrated reporting engine allowed stakeholders to create new reports in a few hours instead of days. In addition to the reports, executive dashboards in e-Builder provide stakeholders graphical, at-a-glance risk assessments for cost, schedule and general performance. The increased visibility provided foresight into potential issues that could have led to costly delays and overruns. IMPROVED EFFICIENCY/COLLABORATION To improve project execution of AHSP, Cedars-Sinai adopted an integrated project delivery approach that was facilitated by e-Builder's collaborative platform. The collaborative tools in e-Builder (shared calendar, document management, forms) enabled the CSMC FPDC to reduce the time required to administer information, documentation, and communications. A project as large and complex as the AHSP normally requires 5 to 7 fulltime employees (FTEs) through the design phase. However, management process improvements achieved with e-Builder enabled the CSMC FPDC team to manage the project using only 2 ½ FTEs through the design process. The project team also relied on the e-Builder document control system for archiving and distributing design, bidding and contract documents (drawings/ specs). With over 3,000 drawing sheets and a multiple-package project, Cedars-Sinai saved a substantial amount of money by eliminating the need for a reprographic company to manage their document archives. As the project moved into construction, e-Builder allowed CSMC FPDC to continue to manage the project with a streamlined team. The AHSP project was completed in 2013 and won a number of awards including the ENR California, Best Projects 2014, Award of Merit and the AIA California Architecture Merit Award. For FPDC, the successful completion of this project reinforced its decision to implement an integrated program management solution to improve efficiency and performance while providing transparency to key stakeholders. To Request an Online Demo Visit: or call 800.580.9322 6/17 CASE STUDY HEALTHCARE

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