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University of California, San Diego Controls Capital Project Costs and Risks

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Page 4 of 4 800.580.9322 | University of California, San Diego Helping one of the Nation's Top 10 Public Universities Control Capital Project Costs and Risks ACTIONABLE WORKFLOW e-Builder also provides an easier and more efficient means to track and report adherence to state regulations. "These capital improvement budgets that we submit to the state are subject to audit, and when there are state fund sources, there are very strict rules in terms of how the money is spent," explains King. "In e-Builder, we have everything clearly set up so when the invoices come through, we have the contracts approved and processed and the money in the account." Aside from managing risk, e-Builder, with its structured workflow, ensures individuals are notified when action and approvals are necessary, keeping the project moving forward. "We have a 'ball- in-court' process whereby, whether it be a contract approval, cost proposal or change order … the appropriate person gets notified that something is in their court, generally via e-mail," explains King. "If something is sitting in somebody's court for a certain period of time, their supervisor will get an escalation notice." As project information is documented, e-Builder creates a record. "In terms of budgeting, it is almost like a check register history of all the expenses coming out of the project. From our funding source tab, we can see the date and whether an invoice is paid, who it was paid to, click on that and see all the company information. That alone has really paid for e-Builder, just being able to look backwards and see who was paid when and from what budget code," notes King. While this information was available in the past, it wasn't organized in a fashion where we could access it easily. "You'd have to get assistance from the fiscal group and print out a multiple-page report and then hunt and peck for the information; the order in which it was listed didn't make any sense from a project management standpoint," says King. LOOKING AHEAD In the future, UCSD may take advantage of other capabilities and functions offered by e-Builder as it strives to complete the necessary building and infrastructure upgrades across the campus with a limited budget. So far, they're meeting goals. In 2013-14, the facilities department upgraded approximately 12,000 assignable square feet (ASF) of instructional laboratory and support space, renovated approximately 7,000 ASF of existing research space constructed approximately 120,000 ASF of new space for biomedical research. As well, the campus reduced water consumption and improved bicycle and pedestrian access. "We wanted e-Builder to be able to give us the kind of visibility and reportability on our budgets and schedules to the extent that we can exceed what the state does," says King. "We're meeting the measure now, but we want to go even further to forecast where things might be going and to stay ahead of the current with the progression of these projects." To Request an Online Demo Visit: or call 800.580.9322 CASE STUDY HIGHER EDUCATION

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