The Top 5 Strategies for Reducing Bond Risk and Renewing Public Trust

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e-Builder.net 800.580.9322 info@e-builder.net | support@e-builder.net E-BOOK public, as they are the ones that fund the bonds. He commented, "To the extent that you can keep them informed, you'll have success through that particular bond and future ones." WEST LINN-WILSONVILLE IMPLEMENTS STRATEGIES 2 AND 3 Strategy 2 - Enable Transparency Woodley implemented a system that supported his belief in integrity by providing transparency – the ability to report information beyond the immediate team. He knew that systems could provide internal tracking, but it was important for him to allow people to look in and view what his team was doing from a program point of view (owner) and not from a contractor point of view. Strategy 3 - Standardize Business Processes to Improve Staff Efficiency Woodley adds, "During the last bond, I had a goal that we could manage a bigger bond with the same number of people, and e-Builder has confirmed this – at a much higher level of accountability and accuracy in a real way that doesn't tap you or overwhelm you." As is the case with many school districts, West Linn-Wilsonville has a fixed amount of money and limited amount of time to get projects done. Woodley has seen dramatic efficiency improvements that although hard to quantify, add up to real savings. "I'm the lead administrator and my time is gold. This system allows me to spend less time in process and daily tasks and allows me to have more time to interact with our designers and other stakeholders in our school district, including accounting, City council and school boards." Overall, the shift to an owner-centric program management solution translated immediately into cost savings that turned into brick-and- mortar to help the community and the kids. E-BOOK THE SCHOOL DISTRICT OF OSCEOLA COUNTY – CONSOLIDATED DATA ENTRY The School District of Osceola County, Florida, the Nation's 77th largest school district in the U.S., with over 55,000 students, had developed an internal Access database to help it manage projects that ranged in size from $15,000 to $50 million. While the Access database was better than just standalone spreadsheets, reporting was still a challenge. The many spreadsheets used for tracking information still had to interact with each other, and the multiple databases made it difficult to maintain. OSCEOLA COUNTY IMPLEMENTS STRATEGIES 1 AND 2 1 - Consolidate Data Entry into a Central Project Information Management System The school district understood the benefits of having one single point of entry – these included improved data accuracy, reduced redundancy and churn, standardized information process. 2 - Enable Transparency to ALL Stakeholders The new system's flexible reporting capabilities allow all project participants to benefit from access to more accurate information. Reporting capabilities area also providing visibility to individuals at the leadership level, including school administrators.

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