5 Ways Resource Management will Eliminate Cost Escalations

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e-Builder.net 800.580.9322 info@e-builder.net 02/11/19 WHITE PAPER 4 4 5 Effectively Plan and Forecast Forecasting is always a challenge. Too many capital program owners have difficulty projecting project management needs on a year-to- year basis. If you know your program is going from 100 projects last year to 150 this year, do you have the staff to support that increase? Are the additional 50 projects more complex, thus requiring more time and specialized management skillsets? The Resource Management solution links resource-loaded schedules to cost modules so that owners can easily manage the allocation of labor resources over their entire portfolio of projects and see associated costs. As well, budget line items are directly connected to schedule resource management costs, thus providing real insight into how addition of projects will affect staffing and budgets. Understanding of Resource Change Implications Finally, resource changes during long-term programs are a common source of cost overruns. When a construction manager gets a pay raise in midst of a project cycle, what does that do to your project budgets? Effective resource management is all about visibility and insight during planning and throughout a program. Resource loaded schedules linked to cost modules provide visibility into potential cost overruns by considering remaining resource costs in addition to external contracts. It provides program managers a way to accurately measure a project's total cost at completion in real- time, as well as self-managed resource cost implications. Resource Ready Visibility to resources across a portfolio allows program directors to predict program resource needs and plan for new projects with more intelligently developed budgets and a clear awareness of program costs and status. Similarly, project managers can clearly understand the costs for every task within a project and deliver projects with confidence. Too often, an organization's resources and associated costs are disconnected from project schedules, and there is no simple way to assess costs over time, which creates resource challenges down the line. Without the ability to assign real staffing to current and future projects, an organization lacks visibility into the allocation of staff, often resulting in an over-allocation of resources that surfaces too late in the project planning cycle, which leads to cost escalation and/or project delays. Plan for new projects with more intelligently developed budgets and resource needs. Demonstrate greater command of program costs and status with help from e-Builder Enterprise's Resource Management solution for streamlined, efficient, and smart project Figure 3: e-Builder Enterprise Resource Management provides an understanding of resource demands by showing who is assigned to tasks and how many hours they have worked on each task, offering predictive insights to resource needs. To request an online demo, visit e-Builder.net or call 800.580.9322

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