4 Bases to Cover Before Buying a PMIS

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Home Run! W H I T E P A P E R The 4 Bases You Need to Cover When Buying Project Management Software Most organizations recognize the challenges associated with disconnected and inefcient work processes and the need for more collaborative, connected solutions. Gaining buy-in for a project management information system (PMIS) is critical when searching for solutions. Here are the 4 bases that need to be covered when buying project management software. 1 Gather Needs & Expectations from key stakeholders including executives Executives are looking for real-time visibility into areas of potential risk and project performance, including cost controls, schedule, and quality. BEST PRACTICES • Hold information gathering session with key stakeholders including organizational decision makers and executives. • Identify their current risks, pain points and challenges such as cost overruns, project quality issues, and failures to meet project schedule milestones. • Identify strategic initiatives and priorities such as reduce cost overruns and increase attainment of project milestones. • Incorporate data into the conversation in order to quantify the impact of the problems and the opportunity at risk if the initiatives are not met. Ask what your stakeholders need to make the best possible decisions. 2 Define Enterprise-Wide Benefits Many project managers still spend an inordinate amount of time preparing, reviewing and editing disconnected spreadsheets, change order requests and invoices to move a project forward; and even more time putting together schedule and cost reports. These manual processes cost time and money that can have a signicant impact on overall project performance. BEST PRACTICES • Evaluate the needs and goals of those charged with moving projects from concept to completion. • Document the potential time and efciency problem areas. • Determine the number of disconnected systems involved in the process. Are there too many disconnected systems? • Document your manual versus automated processes, the time it takes to complete these, and how much it potentially costs the organization. Is there room for improvement? e-builder.net 800.580.9322 • info@e-builder.net

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