Human proof Your Capital Program Processes and Workflows for Success

Project management software has been transformational for the construction industry. Digital innovations have improved collaboration and communication, enabling owners to deliver their projects efficiently, on time and on budget.

Leveraging this new technology towards visibility and access from all stakeholders to all data points is crucial, and yet organizations seem to struggle to make it a reality. Going from no software -or even starting at one that does not provide the proper functionality specific to owners- to implementing and adopting one that supplements all those needs doesn’t have to be complicated.

Learn from industry experts who have experienced the same issues and start ahead. In this unique panel, our guests talked about:

- Digitizing processes

- Implementation experience: Going from 0 to 60

- “Human proofing” all processes and workflows by enforcing standardized protocols - Leveraging technology to improve financial processes

- Tracking/managing all data points: Visibility and transparency

- Benefits of having information readily available to all stakeholders

- Configurable and automated reports: measuring effectiveness and improving efficiency: The ROI is real

- Best practices to other owners considering deploying or changing their current capital program management software

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